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Including Pre-AP, AP, G/T, IB and Special Needs
No contracts to sign. No lessons to buy in advance.

One student per tutor in teaching sessions.
Work on tonight's homework, or prepare for tomorrow's test.
Working one-on-one is tutoring and a diagnostic exam together.

There is no need for a separate diagnostic exam.​

Students are studying these topics this week:.

Atomic structure,


electron configuration,

isotopic notation,

Atomic radius,




valence electrons,

ionization energy,

atomic radius

Matrix calculations

free body diagrams

Newton's 2nd Law

Atwood machine​


plant and animal cells


DNA replication


Writing essays for college applications

Aaron Burr and the Federalists

Educere Tutoring

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Founded in 1965, Educere Tutoring has helped thousands of students, from elementary levels through college, reach their academic goals. We also teach adults

Our fully degreed staff of teachers, each expert in their field, understand the importance of listening carefully and respecting each student. We work closely with families and counselors to meet the student's individual requirements.

Skype is available if you need to avoid slow or rush hour traffic.

Parents' thanks

”My wife and I thank you. My son thanks you, and that’s what counts.“

"I was able to put together an organized report with the advice and ideas that you gave me. So all that hard work gave me a 100! Thanks again.“