Anatomy and Physiology Tutoring

anatomy physiology tutoring

Anatomy and Physiology Tutoring

For students preparing for Medicine or Nursing

Human Anatomy and Physiology Topics 

• Pathology, Normal Physiology, Pathophysiology, basic endocrinology, chemical pathology
• Regional and Surgical Physiology, abnormal physiology
• Functional Anatomy, normal and pathological organ systems
• Clinical Anatomy and Surface Anatomy
• Pathological Anatomy and Disease Processes, chemical pathology - including blood and urinalysis

Anatomy Tutor's Experience in Medicine

• Our anatomy tutor worked in General Practice in Hospital and Private Practice
• Our anatomy tutor has ten years' experience in a Teaching Hospital
• Our anatomy tutor's work included Diagnosis, Pathology and Clinical Evaluation

Anatomy Tutor's Teaching Experience

• Taught Preclinical Medicine at Freshman, Sophomore and Junior level
• Emphasis on Anatomy, Clinical Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathology
• Instructor in Dental Nursing at Charity Clinic for three years

Tutor's Education

• Residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
• General Preclinical Medicine, Tropical Medicine and Clinical Dentistry

Anatomy and Physiology is a study of  how the body works.

In Anatomy and Physiology students learn the relationships between the muscles, bones and joints. Students learn the arteries that nourish the body and the veins that remove waste material and metabolic by-products.  Nerves another area of study in human body anatomy and physiology. Nerves are a neurological electrical grid that helps us move and feel.

Physiology is the Physics and Chemistry of how the body’s functions, from complex interactions of hormones such as insulin on human organ systems  to the chemical reactions at the cellular level.

Our tutor takes students through a step-by-step approach as to why things are and how they work.

Students of Nursing, Medicine and Kinesiology study Anatomy and Physiology.

One student per tutor
No contract to sign. No lessons to buy in advance.

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