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Chemistry Tutoring Help

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Chemistry Tutoring

Educere's Chemistry tutors help students in the Memorial Drive and Spring Branch area on the Houston’s west side. We tutor academic, preAP and AP Chemistry students in Spring Branch ISD, Houston ISD and private schools, such as Strake, St. Thomas and Duchesne.

We help students understand and complete homework, and prepare for quizzes and exams. Our chemistry tutors work on students’ immediate needs, rather than teaching a separate curriculum.

While working with students, our Chemistry tutors note weaknesses left over from previous classes and teach the needed skills. For example, fractions are taught in elementary schools, but we find many students must relearn fractions for use in high school mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Studying regularly with a Chemistry tutor gives students the practice necessary to improve performance, confidence and grades. We enjoy helping students and seeing them go out the door with improved ability and confidence.

Most of our Chemistry tutors have one or more university degrees, and work in full time professions, such as petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and oceanography. We also have a TEA certified teacher and a graduate student in medical science.

Chemistry is

Chemistry is a study of the composition of matter and the changes that matter undergoes.

Chemistry is studied in high school and the university.​

Chemistry topics

Elements and compounds

Scientific measurement​

Atomic structure and the periodic table

Chemical names and formulas​

chemical quantities

Chemical reactions


States of matter


Behavior of gases

Electrons in Atoms

Chemical periodicity

​Ionic bonding and ionic compounds

Covalent bonding and covalent compounds

Water and aqueous systems


Reaction rates and equilibrium

Acids and bases


Oxidation - reduction reactions


Hydrocarbon compounds

Nuclear chemistry

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