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English language arts help

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We teach English Language Arts vocabulary to help students in both writing and reading. The strength of our vocabulary tutoring is in teaching students to use words in sentences, rather than leading them through rote memorization.

Our English Language Arts tutorials include



   Writing / Grammar

   Study Skills / Effective Reading

We guide students, following a step by step process, in writing paragraphs, essays and research papers. We assist in the use of MLA and APA formats. If you are writing an essay, dissertation or resume, call us. We teach writing every day.


We work in our office or via Skype/Google Docs.

Our Tutor

BA History, M.Ed., 16 hours Counseling/Psych

Rice University seminars: Pre-AP and AP English, History, Geography, G/T

College Board SAT seminar​

ESL seminars​

Judge/Scorer: UIL​/Houston Urban Debate League​

Over 35 years teaching English - High​ly Qualified status

Thanks from Parents

My son John enjoyed his session with Ms. Tippy last Thursday and is looking forward to meeting with her again tomorrow afternoon. P.T.

Hi Ed, Riley really enjoyed working with Ms. Tippy on his essay last night. Can we schedule another appointment with her for Wednesday? What times does she have available? K.W.

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