Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my child go to you for tutoring?

Some students come just when they need help with a particular homework assignment or to prepare for quizzes and exams. Others have one or two weekly appointments for regular maintenance. Clients do not have to purchase lessons in advance or sign contracts.

Do you work with elementary school students?

Yes. We have had students as young as four years old.

Do you work with adults?

Sure. Adults come in for help with university classes and writing projects. An engineer from NASA came in for help with his resume and application letters when the space shuttle was phased out.​

How long are your sessions?

Appointments are an hour long. Longer appointments are made by adding time in half hour increments.

When are you open?

We teach from the time school is out until 10:00 or 11:00 at night. The most common days are Sunday through Thursday. Sundays usually start at 4:00. Fridays and Saturdays are also available; just ask.

Where are you located?

Educere is on the west side of Houston in the Memorial Drive - Spring Branch area. The closest big intersection is the Campbell Exit of the Katy Freeway. We are a short walk from the Harris County Library on Corbindale Road. We are very close to the popular restaurants Jonathan's Rub and Pappy's Cafe.

Do you start by giving my child a diagnostic exam?

Only if you want such an exam. We usually start by working on a student's immediate need, whether it is help with homework or preparation for an exam. This takes care of the student's immediate needs, and the tutor automatically learns the student's weak spots. The tutor can set aside some of the session to work on specific skills.
We think a student would much rather get homework done and learn something, than face another test, and then still have to go home and work on homework. After a session or two, students realize that their homework is done, they learned something, they have more free time and they know what the teacher is talking about in school the next day.

Do you teach study skills?

Absolutely. These include listening, reading, note-taking, time management and test taking. Study skills and exam preparation skills are best learned if they are taught within the framework studying for a course, rather than in a lesson that is entirely about study skills.
When parents ask us to teach study skills during the summer, when school is not in session, we build the study skills session around a facet of an academic subject, such as studying books that are on a student's summer reading list.

Do you teach speed reading?

Yes, but “efficient reading” would be a better choice of words. For some purposes of reading, skimming through text at a rate of a page per minute is the most appropriate way to read. At other times surveying text in an organized manner is best, and sometimes savoring and considering each individual word is necessary. We show you how to choose and use the technique that is best for the reading task at hand.

How many teaching sessions does it take to prepare for the SAT or ACT exam?

It is different for each person. First we learn what SAT scores are required by the admissions departments of the universities to which you are applying. Then, as we teach techniques and knowledge for the exams, we include simulated SAT exams and learn what your score would be if the exam were given that day. Then we continue tutoring for the SAT or ACT exam until your scores on simulated tests are in the range that are needed by your desired university.

Who are your tutors?

Some are certified teachers who work in public schools. Others are professionals with years of experience in their disciplines. We have specialist for each academic subject. Math tutors teach math. English tutors teach English. Biology tutors teach Biology. Etc.

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