Homeschooling in Houston

Parents of homeschooling students are in charge of curriculum and instruction for homeschooling. Parents and homeschoolers sometimes ask Educere for weekly or daily lessons to help them complete a curriculum in short time spans. Others only ask for occasional help on difficult topics. Give us a call when you have a need. No long term commitment is necessary.

Some families choose homeschooling so they can have complete control over the chosen curriculum. Some students are athletes and need to travel frequently to competitions. Homeschooling allows extreme flexibility of scheduling that a conventional school does not have. Students who are recovering from illness or injury may need to temporarily stop school work, then work at a fast pace to catch up to and rejoin their classmates in conventional schools. Educere works on your schedule. Call us when you have a need.

Educere works with whatever curriculum or textbook a student brings to us, and at whatever pace the student needs.

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) Homeschooling

Texas Tech University has an excellent curriculum for homeschooling, all the courses for Grade 1 through Grade 12. These are available in Texas Tech's department called TTUISD. Students can earn high school diplomas that are authorized by the state of Texas and are accepted by university admissions departments. These are distance learning or correspondence classes. Most classes are online. Others are on paper and are sent through the U.S. mail. Students may complete the work for these classes entirely by themselves, or may come to Educere for whatever amount of assistance they want.

Example of homeschooling a first grade child through TTUISD

A parent asked us in January, 2014 to tell her about homeschooling and costs for a first grade student. Here is the answer we sent her:

Educere recommends the curriculum from Texas Tech University, which has complete curriculums for grades K – 12 in the form of correspondence courses, or distance learning, for homeschooling. Texas Tech University has an Independent School District. If you enroll your child in TTUISD as a first grader, you can continue towards a high school diploma through TTUISD. TTUISD will createe a transcript, recognized by TEA, for your child, which you can take to any brick and mortar school if you later want Wyatt to register in a conventional school.

You can find many curriculums for first grade, but very few others will hand you a transcript of grades which will be readily recognized by any school district in the state.

Look at Texas Tech’s website shows costs of registration and the courses. Books have additional cost, and can be found new or used in the internet. Okay, now I’ll look for TTUISD’s statement of costs. Aha! Look at the menu bar of the first screen I showed you. Clicking on the menu bar will take you to Let’s see if I can read it for you, to tell the costs of starting and completing a semester:

$120 Admission fee (non-refundable)
Elementary school (K-5) print course: $165

The Catalog section of the website shows these courses for first grade: 8 courses
ELEM ELAR 1A - English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 1, First Semester
ELEM ELAR 1B - English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 1, Second Semester
ELEM MATH 1A - Mathematics 1, First Semester
ELEM MATH 1B - Mathematics 1, Second Semester
ELEM SCI 1A - Science 1, First Semester
ELEM SCI 1B - Science 1, Second Semester
ELEM SOCS 1A - Social Studies 1, First Semester
ELEM SOCS 1B - Social Studies 1, Second Semester

8 * $165 = $1320
>>> Cost of admission plus first grade courses $120 + $1320 = $1440 <<<<<<<<

High school courses require proctored exams, which can take 1 or 2 hours of time of approved proctors. Elementary exams probably also require proctoring. Proctoring usually costs money. Please look at TUISD’s website to see their needs of proctoring exams for first grade.

Students of TTUISD can have instruction from anyone that the parent chooses. Parents can be the instructors. If you ask Educere to teach lessons, you can come to Educere for teaching frequently, occasionally, or never. That is up to you. Educere’s fee is $55 per hour.

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