Lost Children’s Book

Lost Children's book

We are trying to find the name of a beloved children’s book that one of our tutors had many years ago. We have bits of description of the book. If you recognize and can name this book, would you please send us an email? The book is for children, ages 3 – 6. It is a series of stories about children fairies and animals. The book’s size is 8.5 X 11, or slightly larger.

Poem at beginning of the book:

You want to go to fairyland.

I have the magic key . . . .

Follow me.

. . . . lantern . . . 

So take me by the hand.

The book is a series of stories

(1)  Little girl who does not believe in fairies.

She rescues a young fairy from a flower filled with rainwater.

She has a conversation with a blue bird.

(2)  Magic Soap

Ned the Kuomb (spelling unknown) gives each mother in fairyland magic soap to do her weekly wash.​

Bitsy Bunny, a mischievous little girl rabbit, nibbles through the wash line and all the clean laundry “falls into the mud with a flip and a flop and a terrible thud, and must be done all over again.”​

MAYBE this line is ” with a flip and a flop and a terrible THUD, all of the washing fell down in the MUD”​

The words about     "a flip and a flop and a terrible thud"    are repeated many times​.

Bitsy bunny and a friend of hers, a squirrel, go to each mother asking if she has any magic soap left that she may have.​

(3) Dance on All Hallow’s Eve​

Mary, the Head Fairy has misplaced a pearl necklace​.

- Pictures of bugs dancing together, various animals that are a part of Fairyland.​


Originals  were probably water color paintings.

One picture shows the little girl in her bed, and all around the room, there are pixies and fairies peeking at her from behind the pillows and toys on the window seat.

The author's name is Enid Blyton. That helps, but Enid Blyton wrote hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of books.

Does this description of parts of the book ring any bells in your mind? If you have an idea, please send us an email to