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Educere's Physics tutors help students in the Memorial Drive and Spring Branch area on the Houston’s west side. We tutor academic, preAP and AP Physics students in Spring Branch ISD, Houston ISD and private schools, such as Strake, St. Thomas and Duchesne Academy.

We help students understand and complete homework, and prepare for quizzes and exams. We work on students’ immediate needs, rather than teaching a separate curriculum.

While working with students, our Physics tutors note weaknesses left over from previous classes and teach the needed skills. For example, fractions are taught in elementary schools, but we find many students must relearn fractions for use in high school mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Studying regularly with a Physics tutor gives students the practice necessary to improve performance, confidence and grades. We enjoy helping students and seeing them go out the door with improved ability and confidence .

Most of our Physics tutors have one or more university degrees, and work in full time professions, such as petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and oceanography. We also have a TEA certified teacher and a graduate student in medical science.

Physics is

Physics is the study of the physical world. Physics uses a small number of facts and equations to understand the real, physical world.

Physics topics

​Motion in one dimension

Two-Dimensional Motion ​and vectors

Forces and Laws of Motion

Work and Energy

Momentum and Collisions

Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity


Light and Reflection

Electric Forces and Fields

Electrical Current and Resistance

Circuits and Circuit elements


Induction and Alternating Current

Atomic Physics.​

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