Reading Help

Reading Help

Reading Help

Reading teachers assess and correct difficulties that hold back some students, so that they read with more ease and read on their own grade levels.

Our reading teachers teach Pre-K and Kindergarten students to use both phonics, and sight word skills. They begin a love of books and reading. Our reading teachers help 1st graders and older students increase fluency, speed and comprehension, so that they read for pleasure and complete homework more easily.

Middle and high school students learn to adjust reading speeds and strategies for different types of reading, such as novels, textbooks, quiz and exam questions.

Our reading teachers start by making students comfortable, which may include sitting on the carpet. Teaching methods include drawing picture stories, handling manipulatives such as magnetic letters, and writing down stories that the children tell.

M.Ed. Completed all coursework. Ten years experience teaching Reading and Math in grades K – 8 for both regular and special needs students in Cambridge and Brookline, Massachusetts.

M.Ed. with 16 additional hours of coursework in guidance and counseling. Has taught English Language Arts and Social Studies for more than 25 years to special needs, regular and AP students.

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