Summer Classes

Summer Classes

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Summer Enrichment Program

Bring your children to Educere for a fun, educational summer program. They’ll have so much fun they won’t realize it’s a learning program! This is a group program, available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The kids can be dropped off at 8 am, then they’ll eat breakfast, have 1.5 hours of tutoring by an elementary teacher, play games, do crafts and activities, walk with staff to the neighborhood park and library, and finish up with lunch. You can choose 2, 3 or 5 days per week. Subjects taught will be Writing, Math, Spanish, Reading, Social Studies and Science. $50 per day.

Register or inquire for more info by calling 713-465-0522.

Summer Classes prepare for Fall Courses

Summer schedule 2016

Prepare for SAT / ACT 

      Increase your university admissions and financial aid.

Write College Application Essays.

      Our writing tutor will guide you.

Preview Fall Classes

       Study difficult subjects in advance.

Build and Maintain Math Skills

Master Writing / Research Techniques

Improve Basic Reading

     For elementary students

Learn Efficient Reading

      For high school students

Complete Summer Reading Lists

     and the required assignments

Strengthen Spanish or French

     Make a lighter study load in September.

Strengthen skills
Preview fall courses for easier transition
Enrichment for all students, academic, pre-AP, AP and IB levels

We work via Skype when clients cannot come in.
We help students in other states, and right here in Houston.

Mathematics: We check students’ math skills, and bring the students “up to speed” in the students’ weak areas. If you wish, our tutor will introduce your child to the curriculum of the fall’s class, so you child will have more confidence and a strong start.

English Language Arts including Writing. You may want us to start with the summer reading lists that schools assign for the summer. We help students read their books and prepare them for classroom discussion in the fall. Lessons based on the books include note taking, vocabulary and writing. We can concentrate on writing, or any aspect of English Language Arts that you wish. 

Preview a difficult class that will be taken in the fall term.
Our biology tutor teaches by this plan in preparing students for taking a biology class in the fall. We use this plan or variations in prepping students for both science and non-science courses.
1 You cannot expect to learn all major facts of the biology class during the summer.
2 Get a copy of the textbook, and learn how to read the textbook. Students who read their textbooks will learn more during the school year. (A) Learn to reach for the textbook for regular reading and for study. (B) Learn how to search in the book for specific information, when studying.
3 Learn the important themes of the textbook. Example of one theme: Function follows form.
4 Discuss the ways in which the class is conducted. Example: Lab work is a major part of class time in preAP biology classes. Learn how labs are conducted and learn how to write lab reports.
5 Learn how multiple choice questions are written in preAP classes and other advanced classes. Choosing among answers may require careful reading.
6 Find the website of the textbook company and teach students to use the resources in the website.

SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT and PSAT preparation. Regular and steady preparation wins the race. Use the summer, and be ahead of the game.

Take a full semester's course. If you want to use credit for a summer course in your high school transcript, you must get approval from your school's counselor before you take the course. The courses most commonly accepted for transcript credit are languages, Economics and Government. We recommend online courses from Texas Tech University, which offers almost all public school courses, grades 1 – 12. We will help you with homework, and help you prepare for exams. Call us for more information.

How will the students in your family use their summer?

Memorial Drive area, Katy Freeway area, Spring Branch area.​ West side of Houston.

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