Summer Review / Preview

Summer Review / Preview

Educere offers Summer Review and Preview Tutoring Sessions.

  - Did your child struggle this school year? Barely pass? When kids get behind, and don’t master the work, it gets harder and harder to catch up and master the material. And, as you know, the pace is always forward and upward in school.  
  - Are your kids starting middle school or high school? Did your kids do great this year and you want to ensure good work in the new grade?

All are good reasons to have your child come for review and preview sessions at Educere.

​Your children can review the last year’s math, reading, science, language, and then preview the first part of next school year’s subject.

Summer is a good time because the kids aren’t worried about their school year workload. We can work around your vacation and work schedules since we are available all summer by appointment and with flexible scheduling.

One student per tutor.
No separate diagnostic exam. It is part of the tutoring.
We tutor Special Needs and Advanced Placement Students.
No contract to sign. No lessons to buy in advance.

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