Testimonials From Clients

Testimonials From Clients

Jane C. April 11, 2012
I was just going to let you know that Ryan had a really, good helpful chemistry session today. He said it was definitely beneficial. Thanks.

Mother of Jonathan M. June 28, 2012
I’m really impressed with all the teachers you have hired here and they make a difference in the exams.

Melanie A. Graduating class of 2012 Univ. of Houston
Thank you so much for your help. I did very well on my project. I would not have done nearly as well without your help. I was able to put together an organized report with the advice and ideas that you gave me. So all that hard work gave me a 100! Thanks again

Mr. V.
My wife and I thank you. My son thanks you, and that’s what counts.

7/3 Mr. D. said of his son Christian, who had had help for a final exam:
He loved the teacher. He did well in the class and got a B on the final.

Cathy M. May 2004
You guys were a life saver. Thanks for the TLC.

Samir A. August 21, 2012
I was with you last year and I am with you this year. This shows the teachers are good. Educere is flexible in teaching hours, and you can choose your time.

Sheri V. May 2012
Thanks to all of you at Educere for helping Alex to graduate and finish so strongly!

Mrs. K.
You have been such a positive influence on Presley and I know you contribute to her love of learning.

I am not sure how we would have gotten to this point without you all! You are not only strong tutors — you are great people. I want to thank you for the support and love you have given our daughter Mariah over the years.

From Mrs. K. January 2013:
It’s like the Sonic of tutoring. It’s a full service. This is the best thing we have ever found ever. Wouldn’t you like to have one place where you could go and get everything you need. Instead of having to find tutors in all subjects, call Educere and get all the tutors there.

This is a much better deal than going to private school where you don’t get any kind of help. I realized that public education with private tutors is a much better option.

Brooke went for math and your tutor got her to understand the concept, not memorize formulas. She took that attitude into high school and changed a D to an A.

Christy J. Sept 9, 2013
Hello Ed, Nicole did great on her 7th grade Math finals thanks to Educere. I will definitely call again for an appointment if she show any sign of struggle.

Thank you Ed for the reminder that Educere is there, if needed.

Thank you! Jared is now a senior — Passed all classes (even made a few As).

Hi Ed...Riley really enjoyed working with Ms. T. on his essay last night. Can we schedule another appointment with her for Wednesday? What times does she have available?

Kari W.

Lindsey S. , student, said, when the hour was up, ”Oh no! The hour is up? But I’m really learning something, and I’m having fun.“

Walt S. said, ”You’re like family to me.“

Mother of Davis B. March 3, 2014
We’ve had one lady who was helping him, but you have been a tremendous help. Both times my son was at Educere, he said, ”Oh my god. That was so much better.“

Mrs. E. December 2013
Kathryn really liked this Economics tutor. I think she is a great addition to the Educere family of educators.

Mrs. B. March 9
We are really happy with both Alex (tutor) and Tippy (tutor). Our boys had great results after being tutored by them.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

March 10, 2014
Mother of Jonathan M. said of his lesson with A. Z. (tutor),
”He really liked him!“

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