Texas Tech Courses

Texas Tech Courses

Texas Tech University Courses for high school credit

Earn credits that you can use in your transcript at your high school

Or earn a Texas High School Diploma from Texas Tech

Texas Tech University has correspondence, or distance learning courses, for all major courses and many elective courses for grades 1 through 12. Take individual courses or all the courses leading to a high school diploma. Texas Tech’s K–12 school department is called Texas Tech University Independent School District, or TTUISD. It is a private school through the internet. It costs money, but less money than going to a private school in person.

There are many online or homeschooling curriculums for individual courses and high school diplomas, but few of them are have the recognition and weight of Texas Tech’s courses and diploma. Texas Tech’s high school diploma is recognized by admissions departments of colleges and universities.

Students who need to take a summer class, but missed the start date of the class in their home school, can take the class through Texas Tech, and start on any date they want. Some students use Texas Tech’s program for homeschooling. Others take courses during vacations, or other times of the year, and transfer grades from TTUISD into their transcripts at their home schools. If you want to use grades earned through TTUISD in your transcript at your home school, get agreement from your home school, before taking the course at TTUISD.

Texas Tech charges about $130 for an elementary school course and about $180 for a high school course. Middle school courses’ cost somewhere in the middle. These prices are for a semester, or a half year’s course.

There is homework to be turned in. Students may write their school work by themselves, with the help of parents or anyone else, such as Educere’s tutors. Students must pass a proctored final exam.

Tutoring by Skype

If you get “stuck” on a homework lesson, or want other help, Educere can help you. No matter where you live, we will tutor you by Skype, or you can come into our office. We help students understand reading assignments and homework. We help students write essays withGoogle Docs. We help students study for exams. No matter where you live, call us 713–465–0522 and we will help you.

Students who have dropped out of school

Students who attend a conventional school sometimes drop out of school due to lengthy illness or other causes. When illnesses are over and students are ready to return to school, they may have missed so much of the semester that they cannot on their own catch up and finish courses in the remaining time of the regular school semester. Those students can come to Educere for tutoring, to help them complete the semester in their regular school. Or, the students can take online classes at Texas Tech, then transfer Texas Tech’s credits to their local ISD, and return to their own schools at the beginning of the next semester.

Some students have dropped out of high school for a few years and want to earn a conventional high school diploma, rather than a G.E.D. diploma. These students can take Texas Tech’s courses and earn Texas Tech’s high school diploma. Any prior successfully completed high school coursework can be used in Texas Tech’s high school diploma plan, without having to be retaken. You may also earn credits for courses, which you have not taken, by taking a CBE exam (Credit By Examination) at Texas Tech.


Students need textbooks for TTUISD courses. You can buy new or used books from Texas Tech’s website. You can also buy books through the internet. A book’s ISBN number is the best way of identifying a book you need to buy. Amazon.com is one place in the internet for buying books. Educere suggests you also look at Bookfinder.com

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